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62715 – 90PARHIR+3KSP10T

GE energy-efficient halogen 90 watt PAR38 spotlight 1-pack

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  • GE energy-efficient halogen bulbs deliver crisp, white light. This unsurpassed light quality is ideal for adding depth, drama and interest to any room or outdoor space. These GE energy-efficient halogen spotlights use less energy than standard halogen bulbs, saving money on energy. GE energy-efficient halogen spotlights feature lenses designed to provide a precise beam pattern, dispensing narrow beams of crisp, white light perfect for spotlighting artwork and architectural details. Use these bulbs in indoor track and recessed fixtures and outdoor security fixtures instead of regular incandescent and create a dramatic effect
  • Estimated yearly energy costs $10.84 based on 3 hours per day $0.11 per kWh
  • Lasts 2.7 years based on 3 hours per day usage
  • PAR38 indoor/outdoor spotlight with medium base for use in outdoor security lighting and indoor directional fixtures
Bulb PAR38
Base Medium Skirt (E26/50x39)
Product Code 62715
Description 90PARHIR+3KSP10T
UPC 043168627153
Primary Application Indoor and Outdoor Spotlight