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45863 – FLE15LTC16/865CD

GE Postlight TC16 - Facilities; Retail Display; Hospitality; Office; Restaurant

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protect and beautify your homeā„¢
  • Designed with a unique all-weather construction, they withstand harsh weather conditions better than regular bulbs.
  • Saves $54.00 in energy costs*
  • Lasts 12 times longer than a 60 watt regular soft white bulb*
Bulb TC16
Base Medium Screw (E26)
Bulb Finish Daylight
Product Code 45863
Description FLE15LTC16/865CD
UPC 043168458634
Primary Application Post Light; Facilities; Retail Display; Hospitality; Office; Restaurant

*Guaranteed to last 8 years based on 4 hours use per day at 120V. Electricity cost savings based on rated life of 12,000 hrs compared to twelve 60 watt Soft White incandescent bulbs (rated life 1000 hrs). Energy savings based on 10c per kilowatt hour. Reliable starting to -10oF(-23oC). Lamp requires a short warm up period to reach full brightness.