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14751 – 75PAR/H/SP9-6PK

GE Spotlight PAR38

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protect and beautify your homeā„¢
  • Designed with a unique all-weather construction, they withstand harsh weather conditions better than regular bulbs.
  • Uses Halogen technology for a brighter, crisper light
  • Lasts 25% longer than regular bulbs*
  • GE's Spotlights provide direct, focused light that's ideal for accenting everything from walkways to gardens.
Bulb PAR38
Base Medium Skirt (E26/50x39)
Product Code 14751
Description 75PAR/H/SP9-6PK
UPC 043168147514
Primary Application Standard; Indoor and Outdoor Spotlight

*20 month life based on rated life at 4 hours/day.