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78625 – GE432MAXP-L/ULTRA ( replaces GE432MAX-L/ULTRA)

GE LFL UltraMax™ Professional Series Electronic High Efficiency Multivolt Instant Start Ballast

• Energy saving high efficiency instant start electronic ballast (> 90%)

• Multi-Voltage Technology handles voltage from 120 to 277V

• UL Type CC Rating provides protection against arcing in electrical devices.

• Anti-Striation Control for better light quality, with no striations.

• UL 55C Ambient Rating - HighTemperature Protection Circuit

• Cold temperature -20F Minimum Starting Temperature

Application 4 or 3- F32T8 120 to 277 "L".77 BF
Category Linear Fluorescent
Ballast Type Electronic - High Efficiency Multivolt Instant Start
Starting Method Instant start
Lamp Wiring Parallel
Line Voltage Regulation (+/-) (NOM) 10 %
Ambient Temperature (MIN) -22 °F(-30 °C)
Ambient Temperature (MAX) 131 °F(55 °C)
Case Temperature (MAX) 70 °C(158 °F)
Ballast Factor Low (.77)
Power Factor Correction Active
Sound Rating A (20-24 decibels)
Additional Info Anti-striation control, Auto-restart, Thermally protected
Supply Current Frequency (MIN) 50.0 Hz
Supply Current Frequency (NOM) 60 Hz
Product Code 78625
Description GE432MAXP-L/ULTRA ( replaces GE432MAX-L/ULTRA)
Standard Package Case
Standard Package GTIN 10043168786253
Standard Package Quantity 10
Sales Unit Standard Pack
No Of Items Per Sales Unit 1
No Of Items Per Standard Package 10
UPC 043168786256
Case dimensions
Length (L)9.5 in (241.30 mm)
Width (W)1.3 in (33.02 mm)
Height (H)1.0 in (25.40 mm)
Mounting dimensions
Mount Length (M)8.9 in (225.80 mm)
Mount Width (X or F)0.9 in (22.35 mm)
Mount Slots (MS)0.3 in (7.92 mm)
Exit Type Side
Lead lengths Qty Exit Length (± 1 in.)
White1Left25.0 in (635 mm)
Black1Left25.0 in (635 mm)
Yellow2Left39.0 in (991 mm)
Red2Right31.0 in (787 mm)
Blue2Right31.0 in (787 mm)
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Safety & Performance

UL Listed
Product is compliant with material restriction requirements of RoHS
UL Type HL
NEMA Premium®
UL Type CC
UL Type 1 Outdoor
FCC - CLASS A Non-Consumer
cUL Listed
UL Class P

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GE Lighting warrants to the purchaser that each ballast will be free from defects in material or workmanship for period as defined in the attached documents from the date of manufacture when properly installed and under normal conditions of use.

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